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Summer Challenge 2024

Empowering Minds: Uniting Literacy with AI & Technology

Summer Challenge 2024 (FS2 to Year 10)
July 7 to August 25, 2024

Century Tech, ORB, MyON

Expanding on the achievements of the Spring Challenge (Century Tech / MyON Awards) in Mathematics, English, and Science, we are thrilled to unveil a summer initiative for our students. This program aims to foster a culture of literacy, Mathematics and Science across the school while promoting the integration of AI and technology through digital platforms.

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Century Tech





Challenge Details

Target Subjects:
English, Mathematics & Science

Audience: FS2 to Year 10


Student awards:

Century Tech:

  • Maximum nuggets

  • Highest accuracy

  • Time spent


  • Maximum Books

  • Time Spent

  • Highest Lexile Score

  • Highest Accuracy in Quizzes

Teacher Awards:

  • Best teacher

  • Best class

  • Best subject


An Award Ceremony will take place in September 2024 to recognise and celebrate the outstanding contributions and achievements of our top-performing students, dedicated teachers, and inspirational leaders.

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