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Survey for the Options of Re-Opening Model


Dear Parent,

The new academic year for all classes will start on Sunday, 30th August 2020 and with respect to this we would like you to read the following details and give us the feedback on how you want your child to attend the school.

In response to the KHDA announcement that says - 'As a temporary measure, your school can provide 100% distance learning provision in the new academic year to parents who request it. This is intended to help ease parents and children into an eventual return to face - to- face learning,' -

We, at ELPS are providing following re-opening models and requesting parent to select their options.

Option 1 :- A blended learning model using a combination of Onsite Learning ( face - to- face learning) and Distance Learning

Onsite Learning - each class has 3 days of onsite learning and two days of Distance learning. Students will be grouped with peers from other sections. Siblings will be accommodated on the same day of face to face learning. All the protocols with respect to social distancing will be maintained.

Onsite learning for cohort of Year 7 to Year 13 will start on 30th August 2020 and will continue.

Onsite learning for Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 will start from 13th September and will continue. From 30th August till 10th September they will learn through 100% distance learning.

Onsite learning for FS 2, Year 1 and Year 2 will start from 27th September and will continue. From 30th August till 24th September they will learn through 100% distance learning. FS2 & Year 1 will have one onsite day, two days of synchronous and two days of asynchronous learning.

Option 2 - Continue with 100% distance learning for the entire term 1 from September to December 2020.

Kindly confirm the options by Thursday 13th August 2020 as the updated and recent data will help us to implement the school re-opening model which will best support your child's learning.


School Management,

English Language Private School, Dubai


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