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Letter to Parents

Monday August 17, 2020

Dear Parents,

Hope you all are good and staying safe.

Beginning of the new academic year 2020-21 is approaching with the school following the Blended Model of Education as approved by the KHDA.

Through survey, the following two options were given to the parents for the First Term (starting from August 30 to December 2020):

Option 1: Blended Model (a combination of On-site & DL-Distance Learning) Option 2: 100% DL (Distance Learning)

A significant number of students have opted for 100% DL and a large majority has withdrawn from using School Transport. Consequently, during the Term 1, it will not be feasible for the school to provide the School Transport facility for such a low number of students. This may be reviewed in the beginning of the Term 2 and based on the number of transport users, the decision to provide transport facility will be communicated to you accordingly. Those who had opted for Blended Model would need to arrange their own transport or to switch over to 100% DL.

As the learning is going to be through Blended Model, therefore, all students who have opted for this model will be allowed to bring their own devices to school. Digital resources will be used as much as possible by adopting a paperless approach. Those students who selected option 2 will be accommodated with other students through online platforms

With the school reopening, we will strictly be following all safety and hygiene measures as per the directives and guidelines of the government regulators.

All the students attending school On-site, the teachers, other employees and the parents who visit school, are advised to install the ALHOSN app in their smart devices for contact tracing purpose.

For Uniform & the vendor (LCT Uniform, Karama Dubai), the details have already been added on school's website

There will be two entrance points; Gate # 1 or Gate # 5 only, where the thermal scanning and disinfection of entrants and their belongings will be done. Arrival at the school premises will be staggered, for which the time slots will be communicated soon by the Section Heads.

Wish you all a great start of the new academic year,

With Warm Regards,

School Management English Language Private School, Dubai,, 04 3377503


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