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Changes in Protocols – January 2022 (Updates from KHDA)

What changes have been made?

As a precautionary measure, all trips, events and internal gatherings – such as assemblies and performances – must be put on hold.

Extra-curricular activities taking place at the school, either within or outside of school hours, must be put on hold.

Cafeterias and canteens must be closed.

Why have these changes been made?

The health, safety and wellbeing of the Dubai education community continues to be a priority. Dubai Government authorities are working together to monitor and update policies to ensure students and staff stay safe in a changeable environment.

How long will these changes be in place?

These changes will be in place for two weeks starting from Monday, January 3rd. Any updates to this will be shared as quickly as possible.

Which schools do these changes apply to?

These changes apply to all private schools in Dubai.

Will there be any other changes?

For now, schools are expected to continue complying with existing health and safety protocols.

How will we know about updates?

Updates will be sent to school leaders, posted on KHDA social media channels and shared as FAQs on our website.

What happens if students have Covid symptoms?

Students who have Covid symptoms must not go to school. Instead, schools must give students with Covid symptoms the option of distance learning. Students may return to school when they no longer show any Covid symptoms. A PCR test is not required.

For a complete list of Covid symptoms, please refer to Dubai Health Authority.

Are face masks still necessary?

Face masks play a crucial role in preventing the spread of Covid. All students above the age of six, and all adults at school, must continue to wear masks properly in line with health and safety protocols.


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