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Distance Learning

Distance Learning (March 22 to April 02, 2020)

Friday, March 20, 2020

Dear Parents,

Hope you all are fine and taking good care of yourself, your children and people around you. We also expect all of the school community to abide by the protocols set by different Government entities.

During the previous two weeks, our teachers had been busy in working out the protocols, compiling the alternate resources and planning for the distance learning period. During the second week, many teachers and classes had been having Trial Lessons to make sure that all the platforms are working and everyone is connected.

All the lessons will be delivered using:

  • Presentations,

  • Links to videos,

  • Activities,

  • Tasks,

  • Assignments,

  • Formative assessments,

  • Quizzes;

  • Live Audio/Video sessions; and more

Cyber Safety & Anti Bullying Policy and Distance Learning Programmes guidelines have already been shared by the respective Heads of Sections and /or Form Tutors.


All the students across the school are present on EduPage and will be getting the updates through regular notifications as usual.

Following additional platforms are currently being used simultaneously by the teachers and students:

  • Google Classrooms

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Edmodo

  • Zoom

  • WhatsApp Groups

Lessons will be interactive, to make it more dynamic, teachers have connected with students through an audio/visual platform, Microsoft Teams, to conduct live sessions with the students whenever required during the lessons. During such sessions, students can ask questions live and get the answers using the Chat Option.

Moreover, students can ask questions, perform quizzes, and submit assignments, or tasks by posting comments on any of the platforms like EduPage, Google Classroom or Edmodo.

Timetable: Timetable will be followed as had been published in the beginning of the academic term and available on EduPage as a reference.

During the period of distance learning, the regular school timetable will be followed, having the same frequency of lessons, start/end times of every lesson and related schedules.

School Hours will be followed from 7:20 am to 1:30 pm as usual for distance learning.


Attendance will be marked by the subject teachers in every lesson to monitor the involvement of all students and track the punctuality. Absentees and the late joiners would be marked by the teachers and followed up by the respective Heads of Sections.

For online Library classes Students will learn about how to use or create e-books and its importance in this era . Also how students can access e books , e resources from e-library.(Year 4-7)

For Physical Education we have 3 basic Plan for our students.

1 . PE Routine : this are fitness activities that can be done without any equipment and individually. The PE Teacher will send a video or application link for it in Ms Team or edupage.

2. Daily Routine: this are 10 to 15 minutes home workout, is optional and we include it to help our students be FIT even though they are indoor and all parks and recreational places are closed. PE Teachers will send the links and PPt to their classes in edupage and Ms Team .

3. Gymnastics Routine : This are fitness workout and some home Gymnastics tips (This is optional and meant for only Gymnastics students)

Also links for the videos will be shared.

Note: in respect to these PE Activities we will like out middle school and senior section students to download ;

1. "myworkout plan app"

2. "Home workout app "

Students who have access to android phones can easily download these applications from the link.

**But iPhone and iPad users are to download apps.

Screenshot of the apps will be sent by the PE Teachers to the students who are to use applications for the PE classes.

Also we have created a PE feedback form where students give a detailed feedback on their distance learning workout performance...this will be used to grade them in edupage . PE Teachers will send the link fir the feedback in edupage and Ms Team to their classes.

No Entry to the School Premises: All Students will be banned from entering the school premises during this period as per the precautionary measures.

Good Luck!

School Management

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