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Welcome back to the Second Term

December 31, 2020

Dear School Community,

Hope you are enjoying the winter break and getting ready for the start of the second term that begins from Sunday, January 3, 2021.

Some of you might have travelled and reached back safely or might be planning to return by this weekend.

1. Travel Declaration:

Those who have travelled during the winter break, need to fill a DHA form using the following link:

Kindly use the email for "School email" option.

Those returning from abroad need to have a negative PCR test report with a 48 hours validity.

2. Mid Year Assessment:

First two weeks of January will continue as usual. Remaining portions (if any) and revision work will be carried out during this time period. Demo and trial testing will be done for the assessment platform. The Mid Year Assessments will begin from January 17, 2020 as per the schedule published.

3. Learning Model:

Term 2 will continue with the same options of Blended Model and Distance Learning Model. The schedule of on-site and DL lessons will be followed as it was during the First Term.

4. Safety Measures:

Health and Safety protocols will continue to be followed that include:

  • Entry and Exit Protocols

  • Wearing Mask all the time

  • Keeping Safe distance (i.e. 1.5 m for indoors and 2 m for outdoors)

  • Hand wash breaks

  • Sanitizing hands frequently

5. Staggered Arrival and Departure:

Students who have opted for blended model of learning will be following the staggered arrival and departure time. Their personal schedules are shared by the respective section heads.

6. Cleaning and disinfection:

School premises are disinfected and cleaned regularly. Once the school closes, a formal disinfection is carried out under the supervision of Health and Safety Team.

7. Bubbles for FS2 & Year 1:

Students under 6 i.e. FS2 and Year 1 will continue attending the on-site lessons in Bubbles.

8. Transport:

School Transport will remain unavailable for the second term. This will be reviewed at the beginning of the third term. Parents who have opted for Blended Model will make their own arrangements for pick and drop of their children

9. Digital Gadgets:

Those who have opted for Blended Model will be allowed to bring their devices to School for the on-site learning.

10. Entrance & Exit Points:

Entrance of the students will be through Gate # 1 & Gate # 5 as per the staggered arrival and departure schedules.

Wishing you all a very happy and successful 2021,

School Management English Language Private School, Dubai,, 04 3377503

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