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Reading Month

About: Every year March is observed as the month of Reading in the UAE; it is marked by a rich and diverse calendar of engaging activities and sustainable initiatives that motivate the community to read with the aim of transforming reading into a daily habit for everyone and equip, with knowledge, a future generation capable of driving the perpetual growth journey of the UAE.


  • Preserve the cultural, intellectual and knowledge-based achievements of the UAE and build an exemplary model for others to follow

  • Encourage entities to initiate sustainable efforts that promote the culture of reading and ensure that the development of knowledge and culture is a priority on the annual agenda of both the public and private sectors.

  • Enrich and support the knowledge and cultural infrastructure in UAE and build a future generation of leaders equipped with culture and knowledge.

  • Encourage the community in UAE to read daily and advocate the culture of reading as part of the individual’s daily routine.

  • Introduce creative and innovative initiatives to increase interest in reading, raise awareness and showcase its importance and value to the community in UAE.


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