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Letter to Parents

September 09, 2020

Dear Parents, Students and School Community,

Hope you are staying safe and taking care of your loved ones.

We are pleased to share that the school has started on-site learning for Year 7 to 13 from September 02, 2020 after ensuring that the school and its staff had complied with all the safety protocols set in place by KHDA and other regulators. The school welcomed all those students who had opted for the Blended Model (on-site as well as Distance Learning).

As per our plan, that says that we would be reopening our school gradually, we are ready to welcome the second phase, i.e. Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 students who had opted for the Blended Model (On-Site lessons as per the timetable). They will be joining the school along with Year 7 to 13.

Health and Safety Conditions:

As per the protocols sent by KHDA, the school is following the safety conditions that include:

1. The school tested its entire staff before we opened for the students.

2. Screening of all visitors: All entering the school premises including students and staff are checked for temperature.

3. Safe physical distancing is being observed across the school that includes at least 2 meters in outdoors and 1.5 meters in classrooms. Consequently head count capacity has decreased in classes across the school.

4. All kind of gatherings have been suspended that will mean there won't be any physical morning assemblies, celebrations or sports events

5. Hand-wash breaks are included in all lessons. Breaks are scattered, students are assigned different areas with supervised sessions.

6. The entire school premises is sterilized every day once the regular school day finishes.

7. The support and maintenance service staff are not allowed to enter the school premises during school hours.

8. A Health and safety team is working under the supervision of a trained Health and Safety Official. The team ensures that school complies with all protocols relating to health and safety.

9. The school has installed sanitizer dispensers across the school, in every class, office and the common areas.

10. All coming to the school will need to pass by a Disinfection Chamber that is installed at Gate # 1. This will ensure that the bags and shoes of everyone are disinfected.

11. No teacher is allowed to leave the premises and come back before the home time. If they do, they need to change their dress and pass through the disinfection chamber.

School's contribution: Apart from following the set protocols, the school will be providing masks, face-shields and hand sanitizers to every student in every class. The face masks and gloves are offered at the entrance too when they pass through the disinfection chamber.

Staggered Arrival and Departure: Students across the school are assigned staggered arrival and departure timings. All students who have opted for on-site learning are assigned an arrival time slot by the respective Section Head. Similar practice is followed at the departure.

Pre-requisites before joining the school: All the students who have opted for the on-site learning need to ensure:

· DHA Travel Declaration Form

· Update KHDA Contract (Learning Model Option)

· Signing the PSC (New Admissions)

· Written/Signed Health Declaration

Rest of the students, FS2 to Year 2, will be joining from September 27, 2020.

First Week of the Term 1

The school held orientation sessions on its LMS for Health and Safety, expectation from those who have opted for on-site learning and the specific platform details for every student.

Section Heads, Form Tutors and the Health and Safety Team ran different sessions across the school.

This followed an initial Parent Teacher Conference too, that helped the school spreading the word about the protocols and expectations that we have from our parents. Updating them about the New Normals, when can they visit the school, premises are not open for the parental visits and they may visit the admin offices without entering the students' area. Only one person may accompany the students for pick and drop from the designated area i.e. Gate # 1. Departure at home time would be only through Gate # 2.

Teachers have updated their teams for the students they are teaching.

New Admissions: All those who got new admission at English Language Private School have been welcomed through both modes, i.e. Distance Learning as well as Blended Model.

Timetables: The school has published draft timetable from FS2 to Year 13. Those who want to enquire or update about their subjects like languages (French/Urdu), Islam A/B, Arabic A/B or optional subjects from Year 10 onwards, may write at a dedicated email address

Microsoft TEAMS: The school is using Microsoft TEAMS for those who have opted for Distance Learning and for those who are doing Blended Model. All students are joined together through this platform. Anyone having any issue relating the TEAMS account, may contact our Support Team or write at a dedicated email address

Point of Contact:

The first point of contact for all students is their Form Tutor. In case of any further query, the section heads may be contacted using the details given at

For any subject related queries, you can visit the link

We hope you all continue taking care of all around you.

With warm regards,

School Management


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