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Extension of DL for April 18 & 19, 2024

Dear ELPS Community,


Due to ongoing challenges as a result of the severe weather and keeping in mind the safety of students and staff, ELPS will continue to offer distance learning on Thursday, April 18 and Friday, April 19.


Please make sure that your children attend the DL lessons as they are very important in view of upcoming NAP assessments.


ELPS management will make sure that the lessons content, PPT and all resource material are available. Parents are encouraged to access or download these materials as per their convenience.


The schedule of lessons, links to the teams and contact details can be seen at the following link:

Stay safe!


English Language Private School

Important Contact Details during the Distance Learning:

Ms Madiha Farooq


Ms Wajiha Amir


Mr Moatasim

Senior Boys

Ms Sana Amir

Senior Girls Section

Mr Aqeel Hayat

A Level

Mr. Aftab Ahmed

Digital Profiles/Examination Officer

Mr. Ikram Saleem

IT Support


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