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"Shadow A Student Challenge"

Dear teachers, students and parents,


Today, May 25th, 2017 I will be participating in the ‘Shadow a Student Challenge’. I will be part of a national community of school leaders clearing our calendars, silencing our mobiles, throwing on sneakers (not sure about that), and immersing ourselves in a student’s life for a day. My goal is to improve the student experience at our school by better understanding the student perspective.

Please do not treat me as your Assistant Principal instead; I will be a student for the day from the first to the last bell.

Teachers: I will not be evaluating you on your teaching methods. Treat me as you would one of your students, including giving me that pop quiz.

Students: I’m not there to watch your behavior. I will be sitting at a desk next to you, as one of your peers.

Parents: I’m doing this because of my commitment to improving the student experience our school.

Learn more about Shadow a Student Challenge at

I look forward to joining this community of educators committed to rethinking the student experience – starting by walking in the shoes of a student. Thanks for your support. See you at the school gate..


Mrs Shehnaz Vakil

Assistant Principal

English Language School Dubai

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