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18th Edition of the ELPSians

Dear School Community,

Here, we present you the latest edition of our newsletter, the ELPSians. You will find about the following in this edition:

  • Important Information

  • ELPS Expo 2020 Visits

  • Student Interviews on Expo 2020

  • Expo School Discoveries- Series Competition 2

  • UAE National Day Celebrations at ELPS

  • Participation in Under 11 Cricket Tournament

  • Dubai Fitness Challenge at ELPS

  • Anti Bullying Week

  • FS2 Activities

  • Class Activities Based on Expo 2020 Research Work

  • Health & Safety Policies by Year 8 Students

  • Islam Department Activities

  • MSC Department Activities

  • Sixth Form Activities

  • Century Tech Star Winners

  • Creative Junior Poetry Composition Year 3 & 4

  • Contact Us

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