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Students' and Parents' Guide for School Apps 
(Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Outlook)

How to use School's Official Email?



  1. Type in any browser

  2. Click Sign in at the Top Right

  3. Write your email provided by the school,

  4. Click Next

  5. Enter the Password

  6. Click "Sign in"

  7. Stay Signed in (click Yes if its your personal computer else click No)

  8. You can see your emails that are received at the official email provided to you by the school.


Microsoft Teams Student Guide: 

Click here to see the Student Guide for Microsoft Teams

Student's Guide for Completing Assignments (Home Work)
in Microsoft Teams

Schedule of Parents' Support Tutorials for OneNote

The parents can join the sessions through their child's account of Microsoft Teams at the scheduled time slot. The facilitator will organize the session. 

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