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Chairman's Message

Welcome to  English Language School (Pvt.) Dubai!


This year brings many exciting changes. With the hiring of new staff in key positions, ELPS is rising to greater heights. Getting back to basics has been fundamental. You will notice the change in entry and dispersal protocols, break times, timetabling, an upgraded, informational website, a logo change and a change in the overall management of the school.

Building partnerships with the ELPS Community is also pivotal. The forming of a Parent Council that will represent the needs and desires of the parents and students and the inclusion of parents on the Board of Trustees. These partnerships are integral to ELPS as the school strives towards excellence in a manner that reflects the spirit of a true partnership.


Rome wasn't built in a day but, arriving at this point in the ELPS story shows the evolution from a traditional to modern mind set that will pave the way for the future of ELPS students.



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