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The school's fortnightly Newsletter, ELPSian, Voice of ELPS. 

A new edition is published every fortnight. 

School's official platform for Live Sessions


Students use OneNote as their digital Note Book. 


The app where students can see and use their official email, the one provided by the school, e.g.


School's official Student Information System is EduPage. 

All the daily communication, timetable, homework, notices, attendance are done through EduPage. 



Safeguarding Software to support the Child Protection and Safeguarding at our School


I Read Arabic

A rich platform of hundreds of diverse books, videos, lesson plans, worksheets and games, pedagogically classified based on rubrics that are aligned to scientific learning outcomes.



A platform that helps our students in Assessments, Tracking and asynchronous learning.


CENTURY is the tried and tested intelligent intervention tool that combines learning science, AI and neuroscience.

  • Identifies gaps

  • Addresses misconceptions

  • Supports teacher interventions

Students can access their CENTURY Tech accounts using their Office 365 logins


DrFrostMaths provides an online learning platform, teaching resources, videos and a bank of exam questions.

Students can use their Office 365 account to login and have access.



A collaboration tool with a dedicated page for ELPS.


Behaviour Management Policy

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Parental Guide for Distance Learning

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Code of Conduct

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child protection.jpg

Child Protection Policy

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Contact Details during the Blended Learning





All of our students have been provided with Microsoft TEAMS accounts that have their teachers and peers connected through that. Teachers and school administration can be accessed anytime for any help that a student needs.


Beyond the communication platform:


The first point of contact for all students will remain their form tutor where as the section heads can also be contacted as follows:

Mr Muhammad Atif
Acting Principal

Ms R Desai
Head of Sixth Form

Ms Aisha Ali
Head of Girls (Seniors)

Mr Moatasim Salah
Head of Boys (Seniors)

Ms Iram Sulman 
Head of Primary

Ms Zareen
Head of Foundation

Ms Mariam Ali
Inclusion Head

Sayeda Asma
School Councilor

Mr Anwar ul Haq
Head of Maths

Ms Jaspal Kaur
Head of English

Ms Sausan Tariq
Head of Science

Mr Dilawar Khan
Head of Islam

Mr Amr Saad
Head of Arabic

Ms Nadia Waseem
Head of ME & SSt

Ms Batool Kousar
Head of Urdu

Mr Hamza Shabbir

Health and Safety Officer

Technical Support & Trouble Shooting:

School's general email:

School Timetable: 

Microsoft Teams issues: 

Live Chat:
A Live Chat option has been added on School's Website ( that is available to everyone who visits the school's website.

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